Principal Consulting

Ready to be pleasantly surprised? Consulting with Principal Consulting doesn't have to take long or be complicated
– and we've simplified our fees.

We offer expertise, resources, and guidelines to help our clients (Certarians) succeed in their industry.

Our specialization covers a variety of sectors such as project management, finance, insurance, and sustainable real estate ecosystems.

What We Offer

Direct Private Investing

We enable you to invest alongside like-minded financial institutions and family offices.

Our dedicated direct private investment team sources these exclusive opportunities from Certari's global institutional network and third-party sponsors.

We also connect you directly to the financial sponsor or corporate issuer, equipping you with access to conduct your extensive due diligence on each transaction.

Strategic Investing

We invest on behalf of our clients to acquire strategic advantages by leveraging market intelligence & direction rather than simply financial outcomes to achieve the desired return.

Impact Investing

As a partner to our clients, our focus is long-term sustainability. We aim to be responsible corporate citizens and take ESG that has authentic and quantifiable financial impacts over the long term for our firm and the firms in which we invest.

Long-term responsibility and sustainability are crucial to our business model and how we serve our clients, together with strategies that span the full spectrum of asset classes.

Become a client

When you join Certari, you become a Certarian and the possibilities become endless